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Welcome to Created to Communicate. If you are looking for a Motivational speaker for your event you have a lot to choose from. Why choose Wally? Wally brings a lifetime of experience to his speeches: A restaurant manager; 10 years as a US Marine; 18+ years in prison(as an officer not an inmate!); preacher, singer and Bible teacher; husband of over 29 years; and a father of 6 children and yet to be determined number of grandchildren. All of this experience equals a rich mine of material for use in making dynamic, motivational and humorous presentations. Browse our site and then give us a call. You will be glad you did!


Here at Created to Communicate we believe that everyone is created to communicate. Unfortunately for some the ability to communicate has been suppressed or hidden deep inside. Wally uses his wealth of experience and his skill as a teacher to help others find inside them the communicator they were created to be. Wally’s public speaking seminars and classes are informative, insightful and definitely interactive. Make an investment in success and call Wally to schedule a public speaking seminar for your company, group or club. Thanks for visiting our site. We look forward to serving you!

Overcoming Your Fear of Public Speaking
We are born to communicate. God is the Great communicator and we are made in His image. In Genesis chapter 1 He literally spoke the world into existence. John chapter 1 says “In the beginning...
Neil K. Springfield, MO

“Thank you for the informative Public Speaking Seminar. I have learned more in this three day class than I did in a whole semester in a College speech class.”

Neil K. Springfield, MO